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About Bamilo

Bamilo, an E-commerce marketplace start-up in Iran, emerged as the flagship venture of the Iran Internet Group (IIG), supported by MTN Group. Under the IIG umbrella, Bamilo joined other notable ventures like Snapp, Snappfood, Snapptrip, and Zoodroom. Notably, Bamilo introduced "Harajome" as the localized version of Black Friday, revolutionizing the country's online shopping landscape and challenging the existing market monopoly.

My story with Bamilo

As a Data Product Manager at Bamilo, my role encompassed a diverse range of responsibilities aimed at enhancing business intelligence, controlling operational costs, and driving process improvements.

One crucial aspect of my job involved providing weekly and monthly financial analysis to assess performance, identify variances, and uncover potential risks and opportunities within the given budget. By designing business intelligence reports and performance measurement dashboards, I facilitated the identification of risks and opportunities, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions and optimize cost efficiency.

In addition, I conducted ad-hoc business analyses to delve into specific challenges, deriving actionable conclusions and providing decision support based on data insights. To streamline reporting processes, I executed automation initiatives that minimized manual workarounds, allowing for more efficient delivery of reporting to business users.

Collaboration played a significant role in my role as a Data Product Manager. Working closely with stakeholders from Customer Support, Operations, and Logistics Management, I collaborated on initiatives to enhance productivity and minimize risks and waste. By leveraging quantitative and qualitative data, I continuously improved warehouse management systems to boost user productivity and drive impactful changes in internal operations and logistics KPIs.

Utilizing data as a powerful tool, I utilized insights to understand the scope, impact, and priority of business objectives. This feedback informed the enhancement and development of new features within the system, contributing to overall business success. Additionally, I developed a blueprint of process and data flow, promoting operational excellence and establishing a sustainable model for continuous improvement.

Overall, my role as a Data Product Manager at Bamilo allowed me to drive business intelligence, control operational costs, and optimize processes for improved performance in the e-commerce sector. It was a dynamic and rewarding experience, contributing to Bamilo's growth.

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