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Business Intelligence

Welcome to the portfolio section showcasing a selection of my business intelligence report work, with a particular focus on PowerBI. Explore the captivating world of data visualization and analytics as I present you with a glimpse into the power of insightful reporting.

KPI Tracking


In this example, I leveraged CSV files to create an automated report. By ensuring regular updates to the raw data and maintaining static columns, we established a workflow or scheduled job. This automation ensured that whenever the CSV file was updated, the connected report on the cloud server would also be automatically updated. Additionally, if we had control or access to the main database storage, we could implement automated report updates according to a custom frequency.

Automated Reports on Mail

In this example, I implemented an R script to automate various tasks, starting with fetching data from MariaDB using SQL. Using the power of R scripting, I performed the necessary aggregation logic and transformed the data into the desired format requested by the business team. The result was a neatly organized table, reflecting the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the team's needs. This comprehensive report was then seamlessly embedded into an email and scheduled to be sent at regular intervals. This automation has significantly streamlined the reporting process, eliminating the manual and tedious effort previously required from analysts. Now, the business team can simply await the arrival of their comprehensive report without any manual intervention, ensuring timely and accurate insights. Please note that the numbers in this example have been omitted to prioritize privacy.

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