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About Snapp!

Snapp! is an Iranian vehicle-for-hire company based in Tehran, launched in February 2014. With a user-friendly app for iOS, Android, and web, Snapp! enables riders to request trips by specifying their location and destination, with prices set in advance. The company experienced rapid growth and secured a $20 million investment in 2016, leading to a rebranding and logo change in 2019. As of 2020, Snapp! dominates 85% of Iran's ride-hailing market share, operating in 34 cities and providing two million rides daily with a fleet of 1.5 million drivers, revolutionizing taxi services in the country.

My story with Snapp!

Once upon a time, I joined Snapp! as a Product Manager, initially responsible for the pricing vertical. Over time, I took on greater responsibilities and eventually led three verticals: pricing, shared services, and user experience. Guiding a talented team consisting of four Product Managers, two Associate Product Managers, two Scrum Masters, 16 developers, and three Quality Assurance professionals, we embarked on a journey to drive growth and enhance cost efficiency.

During my tenure, our product interventions played a crucial role in contributing to a remarkable 3% growth improvement and an impressive 8% cost reduction. Looking ahead to the upcoming quarters, our primary objective is to increase profitability. To achieve this, we have been focused on commercializing our pricing features and revamping the driver sign-up process to achieve a remarkable two-minute sign-up experience.

As the Director of Product at Snapp!, I led various verticals, including pricing, shared services, user experience, corporate, and retention. Guided by a clear vision, I crafted a comprehensive roadmap and executed strategies to ensure reliable fare calculation and deliver exceptional user onboarding experiences for both passengers and drivers. We scaled and enhanced the pricing engine, aligning it with our growth and profitability goals.

In addition to improving pricing, we leveraged technology and product interventions to optimize user acquisition costs, reduce lead times, and develop in-house tech solutions, reducing our reliance on external services. By drawing upon deep customer insights, data, and research, I developed a robust product strategy that aligned with the organization's mission and long-term objectives.

Leading cross-functional projects, I fostered collaboration between business stakeholders and technical teams, driving the product vision forward. This collaborative approach enabled us to deliver impactful solutions while meeting the needs of both the business and technical requirements. Throughout my tenure as the Director of Product at Snapp!, I thrived in a dynamic and challenging environment. Together with my team, we embraced innovation, drove growth, and transformed the user experience. It was an exhilarating journey filled with achievements, and I am proud to have played a pivotal role in shaping Snapp!'s success story.

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